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“I started my membership for LunchDates about a little over a month ago. All the matchmakers at lunch dates have been very communicative with me about what kind of match I am looking for and how I enjoyed meeting new people. During this process, I met some nice men and I expressed to LunchDates the qualities I see in each person. Although I have not met someone I can see a future with at this time, all the matchmakers from LunchDates have listened to what I liked and disliked about my dates and continue to share my desires with the entire lunch dates team. They are kind, sincere, and “real” people who want to find the right match for their members. I am very happy I joined LunchDates and can see why they have been a successful matchmaking agency for over thirty years.”

“I have been a client of LunchDates for three months and am honestly amazed with the professionalism of the four or five staff members that I have encountered in that time. I have had referral introductions to four client women during this period who have all been truly interesting and sincere with terrific personalities. At the age of fifty-nine with a busy lifestyle I have found meeting enthusiastic people rather difficult. Not being comfortable with internet dating, I find this service to be one of the great “bargains” encountered in the last twenty five years!”

“I tried two online dating sites and found a lack of member authenticity and rampant mistrust. In contrast, my experience at LunchDates was quite positive. After meeting one-on-one, I quickly developed a rapport with Jill and Jaime and felt assured that they “got” me. The discussions we had following my first few dates were mutually beneficial, and my fourth date developed into a relationship. Having realistic expectations and being open to possibilities definitely improved my chance for success.”

“I had a good experience with LunchDates this past year. The gals on the phone were always pleasant, and gave me complete information about the person I was going to meet. They always asked about how the date went. They were helpful in finding restaurants. I always received a call from LunchDates every two to three weeks. I met someone that I have been dating for the past few months. So it is possible to meet that special someone through LunchDates .”

“The staff at LunchDates is outstanding. This was a great way for me to get back into the world of dating after a long time of being out of the game. I highly recommend working with Jill and the ladies at LunchDates!”

“At first i was a bit hesitant since the previous owner of LunchDates wasn`t as professional . I took a leap of faith , and Jill has come through with fabulous dates . We haven`t quite found the “one” yet , though together we are narrowing our search . Our journey has been nothing but fantastic.”

“LunchDates does a great job in listening to who I want to be matched with and finding that person for me. I feel like they understand me and what I am looking for in a life partner.”

“Have been pleased with the matches and especially with the friendly, courteous and helpful staff!”

“Joining LunchDates as proven to be one of the best decisions I have made. It has far exceeded my expectations in every way. The matches I have had, have all been extremely nice people. I always hoped that fifty percent of my matches would be good, as it has turned out every match has been very pleasant. After other dating experiences with other dating sites, I almost did not join LunchDates because I felt I had had enough. I did not expected it to be such a great experience. First and foremost the staff is exceptional. They have listened very carefully to what I am looking for and have delivered matches that fit. The enthusiasm of the staff is incredible. I tell all my friends about LunchDates and encourage them to join.”

”So far the two dates I have been on have been well matched. Although this is a costly service, the results have been significantly better so far than what I was able to do on my own on internet dating sites. It also saves me the time and indecsion of searching through hundreds of the “same” internet dating profiles. I think the matchmakers have a more personal investment.”

”Lunchdates put me in the right frame of mind right from the beginning. Working with jill made it so easy and she always made me feel so good about myself. i have met the girl of my dreams thanks to what lunch dates did for me . Lunch dates gave the in the inspiration and desire to go on after losing my wife to cancer. I would definitely recommend them over all dating services.”

“Kent 65 (retired technical manager) and Linda 63 (nurse practitioner)met on an actual “lunchtime” lunchdate on Oct 14, 2013 and knew right away that it was special. Our 90 minute arranged date ended 6 hours later after an exciting afternoon viewing fall foliage, climbing to a mountain lookout, and talking about our multiple mutual interests. Nine months later, we see each other constantly, talk several times a day, have gone on 2 major trips together and have planned the next one. We know we wish to spend the rest of our lives together and are now shopping for our first joint home. We both met many very enjoyable people through Lunchdates with whom we had many fun evenings and some follow-up dates. But now we have each other and are very much In Love. Our advice is to enjoy the process, keep an open mind, and have fun. Make each date a happy experience whether or not you see the person again. Thank you Kailee, Madeline and Jill! Love, Kent and Linda”